Insurance cover for your personal effects by land, air and sea transport

We do our utmost to ensure that your belongings are handled safely and shipped without being damaged. Of course, damage cannot be completely ruled out even with the best preparation.

We recommend that you look into this subject in detail and take out adequate insurance cover for every aspect of shipping. Our staff will be happy to advise you on various shipping and storage insurance options.

We offer you door-to-door “all risk” shipping insurance for every type of shipping. In the event of a claim, we will take care of the further processing and claim settlement on your behalf. If you wish, we will support you in obtaining any necessary quotes, thus guaranteeing a quick and straightforward settlement of claims.



Air-conditioned and modern storage facilities

If your new home isn’t yet ready for you to move into, we can offer temporary storage of your removal goods on site. We can also offer long-term storage for the duration of your stay abroad, should you not be needing some of your household effects.

In the case of a number of consignments such as air freight or sea freight, your stored goods will be inventoried and recorded separately so that it’s possible to separate out individual goods at short notice at any time.


No-stopping zones

We will obtain the required parking permits and have no-stopping zones set up accordingly so that the removal van or particular container can be supplied as close as possible to your house entrance.



If it isn’t possible to provide a container or removal van directly at your address due to the street being too narrow, we’ll arrange a shuttle service between your home and the place where the larger vehicle or container can be parked.



We’re happy to arrange carriage in selected containers and advise you on worldwide customs and import regulations.


Overseas containers

We arrange on site the loading of your car into the provided overseas container by means of a car transporter with lifting platform.


Roll On, Roll Off (RO/RO)

Depending on the relationship, we can also offer a “Roll On, Roll Off” service.

In this case, your vehicle is driven onto the cargo ship by one of our staff members during loading and unloading.


Pianos / grand pianos

If required, Private Logistics Munich can organise particularly high-quality, climate-controlled packaging and will ensure perfect load securing in specially-made wooden crates.



We organise all formalities and ensure the safe and stress-free transfer of your pet.