Packaging is the best insurance

Transport routes

As soon as your removal goods have been safely packed for upcoming shipment, we organise their onward carriage by land, air or sea. Once the removal goods have arrived at the relevant seaport, receiving airport or inland terminal, one of our partners will take care of the onward shipping to their destination.


Land transport

Our modern, air-suspended specialist furniture removal vehicles meet the latest standards and are equipped with packing blankets, all necessary tools and furniture hoists. For point-to-point moves, we usually use the same team at the loading and unloading point. Thanks to our extensive network, we can also offer inexpensive additional load transport for very small consignments on many routes.


Air freight transport

Often work documentation, toys or clothing are needed more quickly than the remainder of your household goods. We take care of secure air freight packing, organise transport to the receiving airport and deliver the consignment to the address of your choice after customs clearance.


Overseas move

An overseas move usually takes place via container transport. If possible, overseas containers are loaded directly at your doorstep and closed and sealed in your presence. Our worldwide network is strategically positioned so that we can carry out removals to any part of the globe. We select our partner companies very carefully and only work with companies that meet our performance standards. We’ve been a member of the IAM (International Association of Movers) since 2006 and work mainly with selected removal companies from the FIDI (Federation of International Furniture Removers).


In the case of smaller removal volumes, removal goods are loaded by Liftvan Transport. The packed removal goods are then loaded into suitable wooden crates at our warehouse. These crates are then nailed, secured with steel straps and signed accordingly with your name for sea freight. The goods are then transported from our warehouse by truck to the port of shipment where the consignment is loaded into a consolidated container.